Upgrade Your Life

The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better

Chapter 4

Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a powerful computer. But sometimes it works against you instead of with you. Your brain makes complex decisions and stores years' worth of information, yet there's one thing it doesn't do well: Think of what you need when you need it, and forget about nagging thoughts when you don't need them.

Hack 30
Send Reminders to Your Future Self

Level: Easy
Platform: Web

"Every day you've got a lot on your mind and a lot to do. As a result, it can be nearly impossible to remember mundane recurring tasks—like when it's time to change the oil or go to the dentist—or even important yearly events, like friends' and family birthdays."

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Hack 31
Build Your Personal Wikipedia

Level: Advanced
Platform: Windows XP and Vista

"The collaboratively edited Wikipedia is a vast, searchable repository of information, constantly written and re-written by its readers. Don't you wish you or your group could have your own editable encyclopedia of brain dumps and documentation like Wikipedia? You can."

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Hack 32
Develop Your (Digital) Photographic Memory

Level: Easy
Platform: Web and email-enabled cameraphone

"A ubiquitous capture device can change the way you remember (and forget) things for good. With a photo-sharing service like Flickr, you can capture and file away your digital photographic memory in the internet cloud from wherever you are."

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Hack 33
Take Great Notes

Level: Easy
Platform: Pen and Paper

"Taking effective notes is a critical skill that moves your projects, your career, and your education forward. This hack covers three practical note-taking methods, as well as how to make your own custom notepaper."

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Hack 34
Organize Your Life with Remember the Milk (New in 2nd Edition!)

Level: Medium
Platform: Web

"Now it's more important than ever to consolidate your lists into one, always-accessible place. There are dozens of robust, free online organizers out there, but one of the most stable and mature in the bunch is a web application called Remember the Milk."

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Hack 35
Organize Your Life in Text Files

Level: Easy to Advanced
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux (Command line)

"No matter how many new-fangled personal organizer applications become available, new computer users and veterans alike still turn to the old standby for tracking to-do's: a file called todo.txt."

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