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Upgrade Your Life
The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster Better

a book by Gina Trapani which compiles the best material from Lifehacker.com,
an award-winning daily weblog on software and personal productivity.
Released in March of 2008, Upgrade Your Life is 450 pages, published by Wiley,
and available at Amazon and booksellers everywhere.

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What's Inside:

Introduction to Upgrade Your Life

Chapter 1: Control Your Email

Chapter 2: Organize Your Data

Chapter 3: Trick Yourself into Getting Done

Chapter 4: Clear Your Mind

Chapter 5: Firewall Your Attention

Chapter 6: Streamline Common Jobs

Chapter 7: Automate Repetitive Tasks

Chapter 8: Get Your Data To Go

Chapter 9: Master the Web

Chapter 10: Hone Your Computer Survival Skills

Chapter 11: Manage Multiple Computers

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88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day

by Gina Trapani

Released December 2006

Upgrade Your Life is the second edition of the Lifehacker book.
If you've got a copy of the first edition, you can find the original book web site here.