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Chapter 9

Master the Web

Mastering the use of a web browser, finding what you need quickly, navigating engines and indices, determining a set of trusted sources, and judging the quality and authority of new sources are all skills anyone who uses the web to his advantage needs. In effect, on the web, you are your own personal research librarian.

Hack 68
Google Like a Pro

"Google's single, one-line input box conceals a host of functionality that can narrow your results to exactly what you need. "

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Hack 69
Subscribe to Web Sites with RSS

"Like a magazine subscription that automatically brings each new issue to your door, you can subscribe to web site feeds that push information to your door."

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Hack 70
Quick Search Dependable Engines

"Another keyboard-driven method for searching the web is what Firefox calls Quick Searches--customizable, keyword-based searches from the Firefox address bar."

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Hack 71
Extend Your Web Browser

"The best feature of popular open-source web browser Firefox is its openness: the browser was built so that anyone can write a feature-adding extension for it. "

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Hack 72
Get Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets

"Bookmarklets can enhance web pages, add special functionality, and make your browsing experience a lot more efficient by offering one-click access to useful tools."

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Hack 73
Get Your Data on a Map

"This hack points you to several of the best mashups that can help you adjust your commute home from work for traffic, decide where to live, help you find a nearby used car for sale, and figure out how far your jog across the bridge this morning really was."

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Hack 74
Set Multiple Sites as Your Homepage

"You can set several web pages as your homepage in tabbed browsers (like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7) and also bookmark and open sets of tabs."

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Hack 75
Access Unavailable Web Sites via Google

"Web sites go offline. They move, occasionally suffer from temporary unavailability or errors, or become slow to respond because of technical difficulties or a period of high user demand. In those cases, when you need the information right away, you need a mirror of that web site's content."

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Hack 76
Take Your Browser Configuration with You

"Now that you've tricked out your copy of Firefox with extensions, bookmarklets, sets of bookmarks, and Quick Searches, the last thing you want to do is have to set it all up again at another computer. If you get a new computer, or want to transport your settings at home to the office, a handy utility called MozBackup can help."

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Hack 77
Find Out About a Web Site

"When you find information on the web at a site you've never seen before, it's difficult to assess how trustworthy that source is. Although ultimately the decision is yours, there are several services that provide information about other web sites that can help you decide."

Hack 78
Have a Say in What Google Says About You

"Someone out there's trying to find information about you right now, whether it's a potential employer, date, or a long lost friend. What happens when she Googles you?"

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Hack 79
Capture Web Clippings with Google Notebook

"Collecting bookmarks just isn't enough when you're doing serious web research. Web pages disappear, or the information you need is just one paragraph halfway down the page, or you want to annotate a page with your own notes for later reference."

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Hack 80
Clear your Web Browsing Tracks

"Your web browser saves a lot of information about where you go and what you do online while you're surfing the web."