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Chapter 8

Kickstart Your Productivity

Higher productivity used to equal assembly line workers who could build more widgets per hour. In the information age, higher productivity comes from knowledge workers who can filter the wheat from the chaff and execute on their most important tasks amidst a tornado of distractions.

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Make Your To-Do's Doable

"An un-thought-out to-do list can actually prevent you from getting things done."

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Set Up a Morning Dash

"There is one way to ensure that you'll knock at least one thing off your list: Dedicate the first hour of your day to your most important task-before you check your email, paper inbox, or go to any meetings."

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Map Your Time

"The busy person's perennial question is, "Where did the day go?" It's easy to get tossed from one thing to the next like a piece of driftwood caught in the tide of your crazy life."

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Quick-Log Your Work Day

"When you start keeping a daily work log, you might be surprised to find out what your workday really consists of."

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Dash Through Tasks with a Timer

"Trick yourself into getting going by making a commitment to work on the task for just a handful of minutes-minutes that will end at the beep of a timer in a small, quantifiable amount of time."

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Control Your Workday

"Getting out of the office on time is tough when there's always another task, project, or drive-by boss request to knock out before you leave. It's easy to lose a day checking email, going to meetings, and putting out fires only to find that at 5 or 6 or 7 p.m., you haven't gotten started on something critical."

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Turn Tasks into Gameplay

"Ever wish you could knock down the items on your to-do list with the same gusto you fit blocks together in Tetris or collect gold coins in Super Mario Bros?"

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Schedule Think Time

"Computers are good at information storage and retrieval and performing mathematical calculations. Humans are good at thinking."