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Chapter 5

Get Your Data To Go

Every day you create a digital trail that details your life. Your sent mail folder describes your professional and personal relationships. Your digital photo and video archive documents family vacations, graduations, births, and the car accident you got into last year. You've got your college papers, your resume, and professional documents created at your last three jobs stowed away on your hard drive. Your data is your life. Secure, easy access to it--no matter where you are--is a must.

Hack 34
Carry Your Life on a Flash Drive

"Instead of lugging around your laptop, or emailing yourself files, store your favorite software applications and important data on a thumb (flash) drive about the size of a car key."

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Hack 35
Run a Home Web Server

"Web servers are usually loud, scary, headless machines in cold windowless rooms, but you can run one under your desk at home."

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Hack 36
Remote Control Your Home Computer

"Ever been at a friend's house and wanted to show off a photo you left saved on your home computer? Want to check from the office that your daughter's doing homework and not instant messaging with friends at home? Need to grab a file on your home hard drive when you're miles away? With a relatively old protocol called VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and some free software, you can remotely control your home computer from anywhere."

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Hack 37
Give Your Home Computer a Web Address

"Accessing your home computer from the Internet is a lot easier if a memorable, permanent web address such as points to it."

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Hack 38
Search the Web from Your Phone

"You're out and about town and you need to call a local cab, find out movie times at theaters nearby, or check the weather forecast. You don't need a laptop or even a tricked-out PDA to search the Web: you can do it directly from any phone that can send text messages."

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Hack 39
Optimize Your Laptop

"More folks than ever are hitting the pavement with a notebook computer under one arm, but any road warrior can tell you that life with a lappie isn't always easy. This hack provides some hints and tips for extending the life of your laptop and easing the pain of the never-ending outlet and hotspot hunt."

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Hack 40
Back Up Data to Your iPod

"Your iPod isn't just a music player--it's a giant external hard drive that can store any kind of digital data in addition to music."

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Hack 41
Turn Your Cell Phone into a Modem

"You're stuck with the laptop in the land of no internet, but you have unlimited minutes or a great data plan on your cell phone. What to do? Plug that phone into your laptop, of course, and get surfing!"

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Hack 42
Use GMail as an Internet Hard Drive

"An easy way to make files available from any internet-connected computer is to simply email them to yourself (at GMail or any other web-based email service.) But a free software application makes keeping your files up in the GMail 'cloud' and accessible from any web browser even easier."

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